The Selfcare Care Club

The Selfcare Care Club

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The Selfcare Club is BACK!

About the Selfcare Club...

The Selfcare Club was started in March 2019 as a way to share selfcare activities and to encourage our audience to introduce weekly selfcare into their routines. What started on Instagram Stories as a weekly challenge soon moved to a weekly newsletter and a monthly challenge calendar. However, due to the Happee Shop expanding and other projects we were unable to continue producing this resource for free on a monthly basis. During lockdown in March 2020 we ran a ‘Week of Wellbeing’ and shared IGTV videos on @laurajaneillustrations to help people stay positive and remind them to look after their wellbeing during the pandemic. Since then though, the Selfcare Club has been inactive despite the regular requests from our audience to bring it back. For this reason we felt that it deserved a new space in the Happee Shop; we hope that by turning this into a subscription service we will be able to continually grow the resource and provide you with more support for your selfcare practices each month.

What to expect...

⭐️ weekly selfcare challenges
 ⭐️ weekly journal/self-reflection prompts
⭐️ monthly calendar
⭐️ iPhone, iPad and desktop wallpapers
⭐️ exclusive digital prints 
⭐️ monthly extras and freebies