Get Mindful About Selfcare | Sat 29th Jan | Workshop Tickets

Get Mindful About Selfcare | Sat 29th Jan | Workshop Tickets

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Are you ready to be more mindful about your self-care practices in 2022, while also adding more MINDFULNESS to your routines? If yes, then this digital workshop is just what you need to get you started!


Saturday 29th January at

  • 5PM BST 
  • 6PM CET 
  • 12PM EST 
  • 11AM CST
  • 9AM PST

What we'll cover:

⭐️ how to define your personal self-care practice

⭐️ what is mindfulness & how to get more of it

⭐️ how to create mindful self-care routines that support your personal needs

⭐️ practical ideas for adding more mindfulness to your self-care & daily routines

⭐️ group discussions (via the chat/message feature on zoom)

⭐️ Q&A


What's included:

Your ticket price includes

  • access to the live workshop (hosted via zoom) on Saturday 29th January
  • video replay of the event once it has finished (perfect if you can't attend live)
  • Mindful Selfcare workbook - includes all the content covered in the workshop + reflection prompts and practical ideas


do I have to attend live?
no, not at all! the great thing about a digital workshop is that you can attend live if it works for you  and if not, you can enjoy the replay of the workshop whenever you like. Your ticket price automatically includes access to the video replay of the event so don't worry if the date or time for the live doesn't work for you! The relay will be sent out within 48hours of the live event ending.

do I have to have my video/mic on?
no! in fact, I automatically set up the zoom event to mute your mic and turn your camera off and request that attendees keep them off during the whole workshop. The only face and voice you will see/hear is mine! 

the event details say there is group discussions, but I'm not comfortable chatting with a group on zoom - do I have to participate?
throughout the workshop we will pause to reflect on a question together as a group, we will do this using the chat box feature on zoom, NOT by turning on our mics or cameras. You are more than welcome to share an answer in the chat box during these little discussions but there is absolutely no pressure to participate if you would prefer not to. 

when will I get access to the workshop workbook?
this time around I will send out the workbook on the day of the live workshop, that way if you'd like to complete some of the reflections directly into your workbook during the event you can. However, you do not NEED to have it printed off in advance.